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Airsoft games in the Airsoft Arena Lucerne

Team Deathmatch

two teams compete against each other until all players on one team are eliminated.

Capture The Flag

In Capture the flag, two teams try to pick up a flag positioned centrally in the field and transport it to their own base in order to score a point. If the flag bearer is hit, he must also leave the flag on the spot. The team with the most points wins.

Free For All

Everyone fights for himself, the last “survivor” wins.

Squad Deathmatch

Squad Deathmatch is basically identical to TDM, but is played with several smaller teams (squads with a strength of mostly two to four players).

Zombi / Alien

In this game mode, one player is designated as the alien, while the other players have the task of eliminating the alien. The aim of the alien is to "transform" the hunting players into aliens through hits. The game is over when either all hunters have been turned into aliens or the alien threat posed by the hunters has been eliminated. The challenge is that aliens can only be neutralized by hitting previously defined parts of the body (left leg, right arm, chest, etc.).

President / Hostage

Another very popular game mode is President | Hostage (DE: President | Geisel). Here a player is selected who takes on the role of President or the hostage and is usually unarmed. Then two teams are formed: the bodyguards, whose job it is to protect the president or hostage and to escort them to an extraction point, and the attackers who must try to eliminate the target person. The bodyguards win when all attackers have been neutralized or the president has safely reached the extraction zone; the attackers win if the president or hostage is eliminated.


In addition, we have the option to partially darken the hall, which means that various parts of the hall are dark and the remaining parts are light.
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