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The minimum age for Airsoft is 16 years

What is airsoft?

Airsoft or Softair is a tactical team game that can be played indoors or outdoors using airsoft weapons or softair weapons as well as special airsoft protective equipment on specially prepared terrain. Our airsoft arena in Lucerne is an indoor airsoft area, covers 800 m² and is divided into 2 floors.

Airsoft gameplay

As with paintball or laser tag, one or more teams compete against each other, terrain-specific scenarios, levels of difficulty and game goals can be set individually. However, the airsoft ammunition does not leave any traces, so that airsoft players hit must identify themselves.

Airsoft equipment

The main weapon is a CM16 AEG and the secondary weapon is a Glock 19 with flong gas. In addition to the airsoft weapon, the players receive special helmets, protective goggles and face masks - especially to protect eyes and ears, as well as a protective vest.

Airsoft in Lucerne

The Airsoft Arena is Switzerland's largest provider of an indoor arena on two floors

  • Variety
    Different game variants regularly provide variety
  • Adrenaline
    Pure fun ensures the release of adrenaline and endorphins
  • Hideouts
    Countless obstacles and hiding spots
  • Play areas
    Play areas over several floors
  • Sound
    High quality sound system
  • Accuracy
    Accurately up to 40 m

Airsoft FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the airsoft game

What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport that was developed by the Japanese in the late 1980s to replace the popular paintball sport that has long been criticized for its lack of realism and the high cost of associated equipment (especially ammunition). Airsoft proposed an answer to all of these concerns: Airsoft guns are legally referred to as "toys" and are made to be very similar in size and weight to their real counterparts. Most of them work both with a single shot and fully automatically. A simple piston powered by a battery powered electric motor. Airsoft BBs only weigh 0.25 grams and therefore the force required to fire is significantly less.

Is airsoft dangerous?

When airsoft guns are used properly in supervised conditions, the answer is simply no. Of course, airsoft guns are also classified as firearms, and all care should be taken in accordance with applicable laws.

What is the minimum number of players?

For a game in the Airsoft Arena you need at least 6 players.

Can an airsoft gun be converted into a real gun?

Absolutely not! Although they look exactly like their original counterparts, as toys they are made from either hard ABS plastic or soft metal alloys. Internal parts are nowhere near identical to real weapons, and genuine weapon parts cannot be made to match.

Does airsoft hurt?

Compared to paintball, airsoft doesn't hurt. However, if you are close to the person who is shooting at you, you will feel it well when you are hit.

What is the FPS site limit?

The location FPS limit for all weapons that can fire fully auto is fixed at 380 FPS with 0.25g BB's. Our gear is capped at 360 FPS.

How many players do I need for a private game?

For a private game in the Airsoft Arena you need at least 20 players.

What is the minimum age to play at Skirmish Airsoft?

The minimum age for playing in our Airsoft Arena is 16 years. You have to do this though Consent Form have your parents sign it.

Can I bring my own BBs?

If you bring your own gear, you can bring your own BBs. However, if you rent equipment from us, only the BBs bought from us can be used. This is due to quality assurance.

How much do additional BBs cost?

We sell in the following amounts: 0.25 BB's / 150 pieces - CHF 5.00.

How do I know when I was hit?

Airsoft is an honesty based game and as such it relies on players to be honest when hit. If you get hit you will either feel or hear the BB bounce off you or your gear. If you are not 100% sure whether you have been hit, it shows good athleticism to show the hit anyway. Fraud will not be tolerated and the obvious ignoring of hits will result in your being removed from the Airsoft game.

What kind of weapons are used in the Airsoft Arena?

The main weapon is a CM16 AEG and the secondary weapon is a Glock 19 with flong gas.

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